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Greetings from Ambassador Charlotte Laursen

Welcome to the official website of the Embassy of Denmark in Vietnam.

Ambassador Charlotte Laursen
Ambassador Charlotte Laursen

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the website of the Royal Danish Embassy in Vietnam.

My relationship with Vietnam started more than 10 years ago, when I was posted at the Embassy for the first time. I find it very fascinating to see the rapid and impressive socio-economic development Vietnam has been going through since then– a development that goes very well in hand with the dynamic of the bilateral relationship between Vietnam and Denmark.

Since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1971, Vietnam and Denmark have enjoyed strong friendship and cooperation. In particular, we have had strong and successful development cooperation for over 20 years. Today, Vietnam remains a global priority country for the Danish government, and the main task for the Embassy in the year to come is to further strengthen our relations, not least our commercial ties.

The Comprehensive Partnership Agreement between Vietnam and Denmark sets the platform for the shift from a partnership based almost exclusively on development cooperation, to one embracing all aspects, including political dialogue, commerce, and culture. It is the Embassy’s finest task to work to utilise this potential to its full and to assist Danes and Vietnamese.   

At this home page, we aim to provide easy access to information about Denmark and the relationship between Vietnam and Denmark in areas including politics, business cooperation, development cooperation, consular matters, culture, research, and tourist information. The website is available in Danish, Vietnamese and English.

I hope the website meets your need of information. If not, the Embassy will be pleased to provide additional information and assistance whenever needed.

Charlotte Laursen
Ambassador of Denmark to Vietnam and Laos