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Art Education in Primary School

Art education is fundamental because it motivates not just children’s creativity but also because it develops their identity and social competences. Thus, the focus on art education is an essential part of the Embassy’s efforts to promote pluralism and democratisation in Vietnam.

Art education in primary school ""

Support to Art Education in Primary Schools’ (SAEPS) is a component in the Embassy of Denmark’s Culture Programme: Denmark-Vietnam Cooperation in Culture 2011-2015.

The aim of the project is to stimulate the creative thinking and cognitive development of children through the development of child-centred pedagogical methods and teaching materials.

The stated objective of the component is to develop:

  • A national curriculum of art education in primary schools improved towards more learner-focus approaches by 2015 and
  • Learner-focused approaches for art education in primary schools applied extensively nation-wide by teachers who have received targeted in-service training.

Anchoring of the methods for teacher education and education materials within art education in all primary schools in Vietnam will be realized through a partnership with Ministry of Education and Training.


Kim Quy

Cultural Officer


Sissel Dalby Svenningsen