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Children Literature

The Children Literature program was established in 2006, with the objective to give Vietnamese children access to innovative literature developed by Vietnamese authors and illustrators, which tells the story of developing basic pluralistic values. The program duration is five years.



Crown Prince of Denmark in a book launching event in Ho Chi Minh City.

Vietnam has a rich oral tradition of legends and songs as well as high literacy rates, which promote the development of written literature. Amongst children the interest in literature is growing, and foreign books and cartoons are becoming increasingly popular. To further support the development of Vietnamese children’s literature, the Children Literature Program aims at strengthening the capacity of Vietnamese authors and illustrators as well as the use of children’s books in education in schools and within the family.

The support to children’s literature is based on a partnership between Hanoi Writers Association, the Danish Writer Association and Kim Dong Publishing House, which is specialized in publications for children. The aim is to support the development of Vietnamese children’s literature that has a wide scope and appeal to the children and strengthen their imagination and critical sense. The focus is on capacity development of Vietnamese authors and illustrators, which takes place through seminars and joint production of a children’s book.

To further promote children’s literature and its practical use, reader’s clubs are established in primary schools and a fairytale express is run annually. In addition to this a series of TV-programmes will be created, where someone is reading aloud from a picture book while the camera captures the illustrations in the form of a small animation film.


Kim Quy

Cultural Officer


Sissel Dalby Svenningsen