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CDEF Minor Grants

The Cultural Development and Exchange Fund (CDEF) has a smaller and more flexible grant scheme called Minor Grant which offers support of maximum 1000 USD for each project/activity. It gives CDEF the chance to provide support to smaller scale cultural projects/activities and to help with urgent financial support to already well-established ones.


The Minor Grant scheme available in 2012 has a total budget of USD 10,000. Each project/activity can be supported with maximum 1000 USD. 

Aim and description
The aim of the Minor Grant is to give the CDEF more flexibility and to give smaller scale projects/activities more opportunities to receive a CDEF-grant. Furthermore, it is a chance to support a more diverse range of artists and art projects/activities.

With a shorter processing time, no deadline, and a simpler and shorter application form, a much larger amount of flexibility is given – to the individual artists as well as the CDEF itself.

The criteria for Minor Grants are the same as for the regular CDEF-grant. Emphasis is on innovation, modernity and new trends. The Minor Grant is open for supporting either existing or new projects, part of a larger scale project, or an entire smaller scale project.

Minor Grant support may be given to support projects/activities or part of projects/activities such as: materials (materials, costumes, equipment etc.), printing (catalogues etc.), rent of venue, logistic set up or travel expenses.

Who may apply for the Minor Grant?
Only Vietnamese individuals or organisations may apply for a Minor Grant.

Deadline and processing time
The deadline for submitting an application for a Minor Grant was December 15, 2015. An applicant can expect a decision from CDEF maximum four weeks after he/she has delivered the application to the Danish Embassy.

Artist can apply in either Vietnamese or English.

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Kim Quy

Cultural Officer