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Cultural Dialogue

Dialogue amongst cultural managers and opinion makers create forums for social debates where the voices from the public are included in the discussions of the current cultural policy.

In a rapidly developing Vietnamese society art and culture are constantly changing, reflecting the transformation of Vietnamese society and interacting with the surrounding world. Cultural policy and cultural policy instruments need to adjust in response to this. The objective of this component is at the end of the five year period to have:
  • A mutual understanding of current art and cultural development and management issues among cultural managers, opinion makers and artists enhanced
  • Recommendations for policy development and management of key cultural issues developed.

The component will primarily be implemented through dialogue at workshops with the participation of cultural managers and opinion makers from Ministry of Culture Sport and Tourism, universities and institutions, cultural departments in provinces, arts associations, the media, artists (as individuals) as well as international specialists.

During the last few years three workshops on Cultural Identity, Models for Art Funding and Cultural Industries have been interesting forums for discussion between government authorities, media and artists about challenging issues related to the themes. These workshops may pave the way for social debates and better policy transparency, with feedbacks from the public in the development and implementation of Vietnam’s cultural policy.


Kim Quy

Cultural Officer


Rikke Bech Ziirsen