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Support to Arts in Public Spaces

Art and Culture should be accessible to everyone. Therefore, the Embassy wishes to help enlarging artistic spaces in Vietnam by supporting larger, creative events in order to create more potential and a broader scene within art and culture.

"Support to arts in public"

Support to Arts in Public Space is part of the second phase of the Embassy's culture programme, duration 2011-2015. The component entails young grassroots artists and students to work together exploring their artistic potential.

The aim is to create potential for more openness and space for independent artists as well as to encourage broader audience participation.


Key Activities for the Component

  • Conduction of contemporary artistic events in public spaces whereas young experimental artists work together to explore their artistic potential.

  • Recruitment and function of independent contemporary art consultant(s) to support the implementation of contemporary artistic events.

  • Broad audiences participate and experience experimental art, and artists have the chance to interact with the audience.

  • Conduction of visits to Denmark for younger experimental artists or event organisers to be inspired and to network with Danish artists in order to lay the foundation for longer-term collaboration.