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Strategic Sector Cooperation (SSC)

Strategic Sector Cooperation (SSC) is a partnership between a Danish public authority (DPA) and its Vietnamese partner Ministry. The two partner Ministries have had joint missions in Vietnam to establish the area of intervention. The DPA can support with expertise and facilitate transfer of Danish know-how and experiences relevant to local priority issues, local conditions, and needs. The aim of the SSC is to promote sustainable and responsible growth, jobs and prosperity in Vietnam and eventually create opportunities for Danish businesses.

There are four areas identified for strategic sector cooperation between Vietnam and Denmark: education, health, food safety and environment. Below you can learn more about the four projects.

Education: Technical and Vocational Education and Training Project (TVET)
The overall aim of the project is to promote a more responsive TVET system in Viet Nam to skills needs and qualification needs in the private sector by developing cooperation between TVET schools and companies and testing measures promoting work based learning in TVET programmes.

Health: Strengthening the Frontline Grassroots Health Worker – Prevention and Management of NCDs at the Primary Health Care Level

The overall aim for this project is to improve the prevention, early detection and management of NCDs in Vietnam through a community and primary healthcare-based approach.

Food Safety: Strategic Sector Cooperation on Food Safety in the Pork Value Chain
The overall aim of the strategic sector cooperation is to enhance food safety in the pork supply chain by developing new guidelines on prudent feed, agrochemical and veterinary drug use and control practices, as well as a framework for traceability through the pork value chain.


SSC on Health:

Mikkel Lyndrup

Growth Counsellor


SSc on Education:

Henrik Hjorth

Growth Counsellor


SSC on Food Safety:

Katrine Løvenbalk Lundsby

Growth Counsellor