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Climate, Energy & Green Growth

Danish offshore wind farm.

Green Growth is one of the top priorities of the Danish Government. Denmark recognises the special responsibility that the industrialized countries have in supporting developing countries in their endeavours to adapt to climate change and to implement appropriate mitigation action towards a low-carbon economic growth. Access to sustainable energy supply is considered a key element and a critical prerequisite for sustainable growth and poverty reduction in developing countries where approximately 1.4 billion people live without access to electricity and about 2.3 billion people depend on firewood and other biomass for daily cooking.

In November 2011, Denmark signed a joint declaration with the government of Vietnam aimed at building a strategic partnership in the areas of climate change, environment, energy and green growth. This entails the continued support to the development and implementation of strategies, programs and action plans of Vietnam in the field of climate change, environment, energy and green growth. Denmark and Vietnam agree to encourage the use of Danish expertise and technology within energy efficiency, renewable energy, water and waste management

Further, Denmark has supported the Vietnam Energy Efficiency and Conservation Programme with an aim to reduce the energy consumption rate by 5-8% of the business as usual scenario.

Of further significance is the “Low Carbon transition in Energy Efficiency sector in Vietnam” (LCEE) programme, a financial mechanism running from 2013-17 to support SMEs investing in green and energy saving technologies.

In 2013 Denmark and Vietnam signed a comprehensive partnership agreement aimed at increasing the already flourishing cooperation within trade and green growth. Subsequently, new partnerships between the Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and the Vietnamese Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Construction was established to enable sharing of Danish know-how and state of the art technology in the energy sector to Vietnam authorities and businesses.

For more information on specific programmes and activities related to climate change please go here: Danida - Climate Change