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Energy Partnership Programme 2017-2020


The intention of the Danish Energy Partnership programme 2017-2020 (DEPP) is to assist emerging countries including Vietnam, Mexico, China and South Africa on their transition to a low carbon economy and support them in implementation of the Paris agreement.
The aim of the partnership programme with Vietnam is to help Vietnam with long-term policies to reduce dependence on fossil fuel, especially coal, by integrating more renewable energy into the power system and promoting energy efficient use. This support is based on Denmark’s long-term experience with energy transition from a fossil fuel economy to an extensive use of renewable energy.
Particularly, the programme focuses on three main engagements:

• Capacity development for long-range energy sector planning: develop and analyse different energy long-range scenarios with focus on increased share of renewable energy in the supply side.

• Capacity development for renewable energy integration into the power system: enhance the capabilities on forecasting of demand and renewable energy generation as well as securing the availability of ancillary services to ensure the stability of the power system and well-functioning of the power market.

• Low carbon development in the industrial sector: possible adjustment and implementation of the Energy Efficiency and Conservation law at both national and local level in order to facilitate the adoption of cost-effective opportunities for low carbon transition in Vietnamese industry.

The first two of these engagements aim to help increase the proportion of renewable energy in the energy sector in general and in the power sector in particular. Key output of the work will be the Vietnam Energy Outlook Report 2019 which provides various scenarios for preparation of the Power Development Plan 8. The third engagement seeks to improve energy efficiency and the use of low-carbon technology in industry.

The Energy Partnership Programme between Vietnam and Denmark is a collaboration between the Danish Energy Agency and the Vietnamese Ministry of Industry and Trade. The three development engagements are anchored in the Electricity and Renewable Energy Authority, Electricity Regulatory Authority of Vietnam, and the Energy Efficiency & Sustainable Development Department.