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“Low Carbon transition in Energy Efficiency sector in Vietnam” - LCEE programme

The programme will bring Danish know-how and technology to Vietnamese businesses in their efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Technical assistance and a fund for small and medium size businesses will enable them to implement the best energy efficiency solutions for their business. Together with new initiatives in the construction sector, the programme will support Vietnam's efforts to integrate energy savings and environmental aspects in its economic growth.

There is huge potential in improving energy efficiency in brick kilns, Bac Ninh province. (Photo: Nguyen Xuan Quang)

As a result of a long-term dialogue on low carbon transition within the energy sector in Vietnam, a new programme entitled “Low carbon transition in energy efficiency sector in Vietnam” with total budget of DKK 65 million, funded by the Danish government, was developed in cooperation between the Danish Energy Agency under the Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Building, the Embassy of Denmark in Vietnam and the Government of Vietnam to support the Vietnam National Target Programme on Energy Conservation and Efficiency (VNEEP).

The programme takes place from 2013 to 2017 with the aim to improve energy efficiency in small and medium enterprises and buildings in Vietnam, contribute to sustainable development and to a transition to a low carbon economy. The programme focuses on two main areas:

  • Support Vietnamese small and medium size businesses in improving their energy consumption with focus on brick, ceramic and food processing sectors. Besides providing training and technical assistance, the programme also provides a loan guarantee facility with energy saving awards where business owners can apply for funding to invest in specific energy efficiency programmes for their company.
  • Supports the implementation of energy performance requirements for buildings in order for new Vietnamese buildings to become cheaper to operate and to consume less energy.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Construction are national partners in implementing programme activities.

For further information, please download:

Programme Document
Programme Document – supportive annexes 


Tran Hong Viet

Programme Manager