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Strategic Initiatives

In Vietnam, Denmark has chosen three areas to focus on in regard to green growth: energy efficiency, renewable energy and environmental protection. These are areas where Danish companies and institutions have cutting-edge technologies that match Vietnamese needs and challenges for green transition.

Governmental agreements on efficient and clean energy use

Under a bilateral agreement between the Danish Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate (MEUC) and the Vietnamese Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT), Danish Energy Agency assists Vietnam in increasing the national power sector planning. The outcome of this activity will be better understanding among decision makers on how to best integrate renewable energy, such as solar and wind energy, into the power system at the least cost and with a high level of security of supply. A power sector analysis model is being implemented, and national institutes are being trained in the use of it.

Another bilateral agreement has been signed with Vietnamese Ministry of Construction in order to promote energy efficiency in the building sector.

The major focus of the two Memorandums of Understanding between the Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Building and Vietnamese ministries are:

  1. Agreement with Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT)
    • Strengthened cooperation and knowledge exchange on energy efficiency and renewable energy.
    • Development of regulation to support the implementation of the Law on Energy Efficiency and Conservation.
    • Promotion of energy efficiency in SMEs in Vietnam through capacity building and development of policies and strategies at national and district levels.
    • Development of new programmes and projects related to the implementation of the Green Growth strategy as well as other national policies and strategies with the potential to obtain financial support from international donor organisations.
    • Institutional strengthening, including capacity building and exchange of experience regarding policy development.
    • Promotion of renewable energy, including the use of market-based initiatives.
  2. Agreement with Ministry of Construction (MOC)
    • Development and promotion of energy efficiency in the building sector. This includes developing mechanisms, strategies, action plans, codes and standards on energy efficiency.
    • Implementation of the energy efficiency building code as well as enforcing standards and minimum requirements for building components.
    • Investigation of possible energy efficiency pilot buildings to demonstrate implementation of energy efficiency building code obligations.
    • Enhancement of cooperation and exchange of views on energy efficiency in the building sector.