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Howden designs, engineers and supplies air and gas handling equipment including industrial fans, process gas compressors, and rotary heat exchanger. Established over 150 years as an engineering firm, Howden has grown to become a worldwide organization with over 6,000 employees and companies in over 26 countries.

Howden vision and values

Our equipment may be found in virtually every industry but particularly in those such as in power generation, petrochemicals, mining, steelmaking and cement manufacture where the most arduous air and gas handling duties are to be found.

We have introduced many innovations, from the forced draught system and the invention of the Diaphragm Compressor to the commercialisation of the Rotary Heat Exchanger and the Screw Compressor. Our products are known throughout the world for their high levels of performance, reliability and state-of-the-art technology. We are constantly investing resources in product development to provide market-leading products that make our customers' processes more effective and more profitable.

Howden Vietnam supplies custom engineered axial and centrifugal fans and rotary heat exchangers primarily for the power generation, petrochemical and steel industries. We also supply wide range of fans, blowers and compressors for oil and gas, petrochemical industries. In addition we can supply spare parts and site services in maintaining OEM equipment.

The Vietnamese government plans to invest nearly $50 billion in the power sector within the next 20 years. Besides the power industry, large-scale projects are beginning to appear in infrastructure related areas such as oil refineries, steel plants, cement plants and mining. This development has led Howden to establish a representative office in Ho Chi Minh City in 2013 which will enable Howden to give maximum support to future projects in Vietnam.

Mr. Trung Quoc Hoang, Chief Representative of Howden Vietnam Representative Office says about the company’s recent establishment that “Howden is a company that always seeks new opportunities. After a period of selling our products in Vietnam, we have seen the possibilities in the market which is likely to be supplemented by large government investments, a development that offers great potential for us to expand our business in the years to come.”

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