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Global Public Affairs

With a strong focus and expertise within Global Public Affairs, the Danish Embassy in Vietnam has a solid performance in creating synergy between: our local and commercial knowledge in Vietnam, our access to influence and to diplomacy, and our cultural understanding and networking due to our global presence. 

The Danish Embassy has had diplomatic connections with Vietnam since 1971, and throughout the years we have developed a strong and very special relationship with not only Vietnamese authorities but also Vietnamese business environment, media and other stakeholders.

We know that success in the Vietnamese market is not only about having the right products, prices, partners and customers; instead, holding knowledge about e.g. the Vietnamese legislative framework, beside good relations with authorities, is crucial.

Through our Global Public Affair expertise, the Trade Council can help identify and engage with key stakeholders, thus providing companies with access to key Vietnamese decision makers, authorities, ministries, departments, etc.

Further, this is also the case in regards to information on changes in framework conditions such as legislation, custom tariffs and other important market conditions in Vietnam. This overview of legislation is vital when operating in the Vietnamese market. 

The Trade Council offers Danish companies the following Global Public Affairs products and services:

  • Stakeholder management: Assist Danish companies in systematic and strategic identification, creation and maintenance of relations and network to important
 stakeholders in Vietnam
  • Intelligence/trade policy: Create a better decision-making foundation for the Danish 
companies, including mapping of political processes and legislation, as well as protectionist issues and trade barriers
  • Dispute resolution: Assisting companies in solving disputes before they develop 
into full-blown national or international court cases

Most companies will experience different challenges where a specific solution is needed. The Trade Council's expertise creates the foundation to provide a tailor-made solution specificly to the needs of the individual company.

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