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Intellectual Property Rights

An introduction to intellectual property rights (IPR) in Vietnam prepared by the Trade Council in collaboration with the Danish Patent and Trademark Office.

With its size and immense growth, Vietnam holds a lot of potential for Danish companies. But there are also potential difficulties that need to be addressed and one of the most important ones is Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).

If you are planning to do business in Vietnam or if you are already trading there, it is essential to know how to use, guard and enforce your right to your company name, logo, design or your invention.

At the Trade Council we have prepared a comprehensive IPR guideline in collaboration with the Danish Patent and Trademark Office, with the purpose of making your entry into Vietnam as successful as possible (currently being updated). 

To get more information about intellectual property legislation and policies in Vietnam, please follow the link below provided by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the National office of intellectual property in Vietnam.


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