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Dengue Fever

Cases of Dengue fever are observed in all parts of Vietnam and all year round, with a slight peak in the autumn.  

As there is no vaccine against dengue fever, it is necessary to prevent mosquito bites. Contrary to the malaria mosquitoes, the mosquitoes spreading dengue fever primarily bite in the daytime.

Recommendations on how to prevent mosquito bites:

Wear clothing that covers the skin
Use insect spray indoors
If possible use a bed net around the bed – preferably impregnated with pyrethrin.
Air conditioning repels mosquitoes, as they thrive in the heat.
Remove or cover water tanks, where mosquitoes breed. This includes air conditioning condensate, cisterns and watering systems in the garden.
The incubation period of the disease is 3-14 days. The temperature rises to high fever, and the symptoms are like serious flu.

A part from these symptoms the following can occur:

Muscle pain
Skin eruption
The infection can in some cases develop into the serious form dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF).

This information of dengue fever is a summary of a fact sheet made by Dr. Tristan Evely from International SOS. It is recommended to read the instructions in full.