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Climate, energy & green growth

In October 2020, the Danish government launched its long-term strategy for a global climate effort, "A green and sustainable world." The strategy sets the direction for Denmark's overall international climate efforts as a green pioneer country across foreign, development, trade and climate policies.

Denmark’s national goal is to reduce greenhouse gases by 70% by 2030 (compared to 1990 levels). But national efforts do not stand alone, with the strategy, the government shows how our green ambitions are translated directly into global action and influence. The government is activating all the relevant international policy areas.

As part of the strategy, the Danish government will strengthen the strategic partnership agreements and promote green transition in high-income, developing, and emerging countries. Vietnam and Denmark have a long-standing partnership in the areas of climate change, environment, energy and green growth. Denmark will continue the partnership with Vietnam to enable the sharing of Danish know-how and state of the art technology to Vietnam authorities and businesses which is an essential lever for the green transition and reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.


New Global Climate Action Strategy