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Danish Anti-Corruption Initiatives in Vietnam

From 2006-2014, Denmark supported a programme to strengthen the inspectorate system in Vietnam: the ‘Programme on Strengthening the Comprehensive Capacity of the Inspectorate Sector’ usually referred to as POSCIS. It was jointly funded by Sweden, the Netherlands, Canada, and Denmark, and in the initial stages of the programme Norway also contributed. The program has been phased out, but anti-corruption policies are still in place.

The objective of the programme was “to build an inspectorate sector that is ethical, consolidated, step-by-step professionalised, modern, and capable of effectively implementing inspection, complaint and denunciation handling, and anti-corruption tasks”.

More specifically, the programme aimed at building the capacity to detect and deal with corruption cases, to prevent corruption, and to handle complaints and denunciation. The Government Inspectorate was the key partner and responsible for coordinating the large and complex programme. Other partners were the inspectorates of four selected line ministries (Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Planning and Investment, and Ministry of Public Security) and the inspectorates in five provinces (Ho Chi Minh City Inspectorate, Binh Duong Inspectorate, Kien Giang Inspectorate, Khanh Hoa Inspectorate, and Ha Tinh Inspectorate). In addition to its coordination role, the Government Inspectorate has its own activities and the programme therefore included a total of 10 sub-projects with each of the abovementioned partners.

The programme had a difficult start, and the inception period lasted three years until October 2009, when the implementation phase was initiated. The total programme budget for the five-year implementation phase from October 2009 to September 2014 was USD 13,227,006, of which Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Canada funded USD 11,760,281, and the Government of Vietnam funded the remaining USD 1,466,725 (corresponding to 12% of the total budget). The total Danish contribution for the inception and the implementation phase was DKK 15 million.

Denmark and Canada shared the lead donor responsibilities, representing the donors in the ongoing dialogue with the Government Inspectorate and other partners. Earlier, Sweden was the lead donor from the initiation of the programme until the end of 2013 when they phased out their Bilateral Development Cooperation. 

The programme was completed in September 2014.


Chu Thi Trung Hau
Programme Manager
[email protected]