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Corporate Social Responsibility  (CSR) Services

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is becoming increasingly important in today's working environment. Experiences show that companies who take the extra step and conduct business in a more ethically responsible behaviour - and at the same time make use of the new possibilities that the CSR agenda provides - are the most effective as they benefit from license to operate and competitive advantage.

CSR is about the companies' performance within the social, environmental and ethical areas.

It is about risk management in terms of actively identifying and minimizing risks, whether these are reputational, operational or financial. CSR is about meeting the demands, the requirements and the expectations of your stakeholders, including both customers, employees, society, media and authorities. 

Hence, it is not only about acting legally but also legitimately in the eyes of the stakeholders. Therefore, an increasingly large number of companies focus on establishing and continuously enhancing their CSR activities, in order to turn this into a strategic advantage.

The Commercial section at the Embassy in Hanoi and the Danish Economic & Commercial Office (DECO) in Ho Chi Minh City have a long experience in assisting Danish companies and its local partners in Vietnam in relation to a broad range of CSR activities.

Some of these services can be:

  • General CSR assessment at the company's or its local partner's premises
  • Specific CSR assessment that focuses on e.g. labour regulations, occupational health, safety training for workers, etc.
  • Organizing of activities/events with specific themes such as environmental protection or charity
  • Activities focusing on the business' brand equity and social license to operate
  • Practice training in regards to e.g. occupational health and safety procedures, i.e. at the company's premises and requirements
  • Anti-corruption tasks (see menu tab at the left)

Our services will be specifically designed for your particular company and your needs.

If you wish to read more about the services provided by the Trade Council, our working methods and how you might be able to benefit from the government subsidized packages, 'Export Start' and 'Regional Key Account', please follow the link below.


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