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Partner Search

Identification of a partner in the Vietnamese market may very well be one of the most important investments you and your company will make when approaching this market.

Identification of a partner on the Vietnamese market will most likely consume a large share of your resources in terms of energy, money, and time. To a great extent, success and sustainability of a business project depends on the local business partner’s ability and commitment to the project. It is therefore important for a company to find the right business partner abroad.

Identification of a partner begins with you and your company defining the criteria which are essential for your choice of partner in Vietnam.

On the basis of the criteria defined, the Trade Council will set the team to conduct a customized partner search.

We offer assistance within the following areas:

Partner identification and screening – distribution, sourcing, agents etc.

  • Organizing visit programmes, seminars, meetings, and explorative study visits
  • Organizing technical seminars targeting customers and authorities
  • Monitoring business opportunities
  • Networking with potential clients, partners, and authorities


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