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Press and Communication Services

The Danish Embassy in Vietnam has a strong focus on Global Public Affairs and economic diplomacy, and we aim to create synergy between the use of social media, the communication and press services that we offer as well as our commercial, cultural and political activities.

With a strong focus on Global Public Affairs, the Danish Embassy in Vietnam has a solid performance in creating synergy between: first, our local and commercial knowledge in Vietnam; second, our access to influence and to diplomacy; and third, our cultural understanding and networking due to our global presence.

This means that we possess great range of expertise, which can all come into play when you as a company wish to make use of our press, PR, media and communication services.

The Danish Embassy has had diplomatic connections with Vietnam since 1971, and throughout the years we have developed a strong and very special relationship with Vietnamese authorities, the Vietnamese companies and partners, media and press.

Some of the services that the Embassy offers at a regular basis are:

  • Our “Media & Press Package” for companies 
  • Draft and send out press releases and press kit 
  • Press conference planning and handling (incl. preparation and interviews) 
  • Invite and secure participation of the press, including the most important media 
  • Event design, planning, and PR advisory 
  • Secure press coverage 
  • Media clipping and reporting (following the events) 
  • Contacts to newspaper, press and media channels in Vietnam

    For more information on Press and Communication Services, please contact our Senior Program Manager - Ms. Nguyen Kim Quy ([email protected]


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