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Trade Barriers

When exporting a product or a service to abroad, it can be challenging to keep track of specific regulations that concern your business. The Trade Council can provide you with an overview of the regulatory frameworks and its procedures; furthermore, we can engage in dialogue with authorities on behalf of Danish exporters.

The Trade Council monitors the framework conditions for international trade and has access to information about market regulations for specific products and services on the international markets. If your company encounters trade barriers, the Trade Council can help to clarify whether these barriers are legal or illegal according to the international obligations of the country in question.

The Trade Council can advise your enterprise in the following areas:

  • Trade barriers
  • Customs issues, tariffs and changes
  • Documentation requirements
  • Currency regulation
  • Import or export licenses
  • Transport regulation
  • Technical measures, such as inspection, quarantine, labelling, packaging disposal
  • Price controls
  • Insurance matters


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